You Can Be The One...

Shanna is a beautiful, expressive child! She's gorgeous, just like her Mommy! As long as the LORD let's me, Shanna & Angela will be my joys to photograph and present to the world as two great examples of God's creativity!

Grace is receiving a gift I don't deserve! Wow! Just think! The LORD has graced me three times...with salvation and my two Joys!

Having been so blessed I have the responsibility not only to see that my family has every opportunity to believe and be saved, but also to share this most excellent Good News with every human being who will listen to either my voice or my life, or even possibly the way I die!

I pray that the seed of my life will bear everlasting fruit that will join me forever praising the One Who made it so...

"LORD, will Jean Luc Picard (i.e. Patrick Stewart) be there? 'Make it so!'" :)

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