Nicol Sponberg - He Leadeth Me/Never Once

Nicol Sponberg (formerly Nicol Smith) was a lead singer in the popular Christian group Selah. She got married and left the group to support her husband's ministry. But she continued to record as a solo artist. She recently released an album called "Awake My Soul" containing classic Christian hymns. Some are done in the tradtional style, and some are modernized, or a combination of the two. Very well done.

This is one of my childhood favorite hymns, "He Leadeth Me". She combined it with Matt Redman's song "Never Once", and the two songs go together very well. I just wish more of the focus was on "He Leadeth Me"; she only sings the first verse and the chorus of the hymn, but she spends a lot more time on "Never Once", a modern non-hymn. Rather than repeat the chorus of "Never Once" I would rather have heard another verse of "He Leadeth Me." But I'm nitpicking.

The multiple songwriters are listing on the opening slide.

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