Unwanted Daughter Listens To God And Helps Save Father’s Life

Unwanted Daughter Listens To God And Helps Save Father’s Life

He swore he’d never date a woman with a child, but when Bill met his future wife, Pam, and her daughter, Andrea, all of those thoughts went out the window. From the moment he saw her, Bill couldn’t help but love new Andrea. And that special relationship would take on a whole new meaning when Bill became sick with cancer. The story that follows will tug at heartstrings you didn’t even know existed. How amazing is our God?

A story of the special relationship between a father & daughter, and how God answers a desperate prayer.

• 3,000 new patients are added to the kidney list EACH MONTH
• 12 people die EVERY DAY waiting for a kidney transplant
• Every 14 min somebody is added to the kidney transplant list

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A Prayer of Healing for Sick Family and Friends - Your Daily Prayer - August 3
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