YIELD #1: Yu Lift Me Up ft Viana Dominguez

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Just a quick video...a beat, 16 barz, and vocals from Viana Dominguez.

They can change the law, but they cant change the hearts/
You can lie all you want but God still know who you are/
this is just the start I wasnt really gone/
all the headline news and man Im feeling calm/
reading Psalms, God got me in His palms/
Jesus died for me, thats the Gospel of John/
If I never get rich before I pass on/
If I never rap again, this aint my last song/
I used to trip over what the white man called me/
Im Christian now so Ive learned to react calmly/
Mexican by race; Christian by grace/
sins erased when Christ took my place/
This is for my homie who couldnt afford college/
to my homegirl who married an alcoholic/
this is what life gave us, I know it aint flawless/
but theres a spot for yu in heaven, thats Gods promise/

Lift me up, Lift me up
Oh, you lift me up

When theres no more tears left to cry
When theres nobody by my side
You lift me up
When Im so disguested by my life
Im a failure even though I try
You lift me up

You lift me up (repeated)

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