Can we see Angels?

It is prophetic Monday once again and this week I talk about being able to see into the spirit! Angels, angelic encounter and more! I also prophecy over those who commented on my previous video! I hope you enjoy this weeks video!
I believe we are on the verge of major blessings coming directly from Jesus and through intimacy with Him. Now is the time to draw near!

When you begin to seek Jesus the supernatural realm of heaven begins to open up. Often times you will begin to see into the spirit. This happened to me and I want to share some of my story with you. In fact, in this video I share about how I encountered an angel while writing my first book!

Is it possible to encounter Holy Spirit? Can we encounter Jesus? How do we live in power, learn to live in the spirit and overcome? I share much on how to draw near to Jesus and what happens as a result.

It is important as Christians to learn to live in the manifest presence of God. It is through that place where the supernatural begins in your life. You may see into the spirit, begin to prophecy, see people healed and more! When you begin to live in the Holy Spirit heaven becomes very real to you and you begin to bring heaven to earth through your life.

The role of angels in our life is to minister to us and to see the will of Jesus come to pass in our lives. So it is important to understand they should be expected to be seen in our daily lives. Learn more on how to go deeper with Jesus

Aimee Montgomery Ministries

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