Firefighter Groom Saves Guest From Choking At Wedding Reception

Firefighter Groom Saves Guest From Choking At Wedding Reception

Watch this video of a firefighter groom save the day at his wedding reception when one of the guests starts to choke on her dinner.

Kelly and Cody Campbell were enjoying toasts at their wedding reception when something scary started to happen – one of their guests began choking on a piece of steak! You can see the fear in the bride and groom’s eyes as they go from happily smiling to very concerned in an instant.

What was also surprising was that one of the members of their bridal party said this during their wedding toast: “If I’m in a position where I ever need a fireman to help me, I hope it’s you, or I hope it’s someone like you.”

Talk about a premonition! I mean, what are the chances! As soon as the firefighter groom knew what was going on, he jumped right to his feet to save the guest’s life.

“I heard my mom yell out that someone was choking. And I looked to my right and just got up and immediately ran over there,” Cody said.

Cody is an LA county firefighter, and he was able to save the guest’s life by using his training and performing the Heimlich maneuver on her.

“I all of a sudden see one of our relatives struggling. And without any hesitation, Cody just jumps in there,” said Cody’s bride, Kelly.

“He never thought twice. He just jumped up and did his job,” shared Cody’s mom. “I was very proud.”

Fortunately, the guest who was choking quickly recovered and the wedding festivities resumed.

Cody and Kelly never expected that their wedding day would require a quick-thinking rescue from the groom, but thank goodness he was there to save the day! Kelly not only married a great guy, but also a hero.

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