Summit Lecture Series: The Worldview Behind Porn with Sean McDowell, part 4

Imagine a path that no one walks through. Without the clearing caused by traffic, all places are equal. But, as one person, then another, then several hundred more walk along the path, then they become worked into the forest itself and eventually become a fixed place where traffic moves through.

The same can be said about our beliefs, habits and experiences. These patterns become like paths in our brains that we naturally “walk down” and naturally behave accordingly.

Another example: many people of Africa’s Maasai Tribe consider cow urine a precious commodity – they enjoy the smell like a perfume. Over the centuries, the Maasai children have smelled the cow urine and associated it with positive events, behaviors, and preferences that their brains now naturally formed so that they actually experience pleasure from a smell that actually brings most people pain and disgust.
This is how the brain works when its neurons fire together, then wire together...
The exact same chemicals are involved when looking at pornography.
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