His Word Gives Light!

This is one of my earliest attempts at illustrating Scripture as a slide show. (That's the reason for the many changes of font...in color & style.)

Some of these photos are mine, but most are from the public gallery found in Broderbund's Print Shop (probably version 16 that I was using at the time. Frankly, Print Shop is an excellent beginning level program for digital editors because the knowledge I gained from Print Shop prepared me well to take the next step up to PhotoShop Elements.)

When I first rendered my personal impressions of these illustrated Bible verses, Shanna was less than a year old. My wife, Angela, had often told me how important Psalm 19 was to her young life for she had heard the Girl's Chorus from the Lester Roloff Homes repeat Psalm 19 in unison,...almost like a song.

The more I grow in my Christian walk the more I am desperate for my heart, my mind, my mouth, and my life's deeds to consistently "line up" with the Truth of God's Word & the Person of Jesus Christ...

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