Carol Mc's Family Hour...interview...Marjean Birt, 'Moving the Mansell House', Alpharetta, GA, History

Video clip from: Carol Mc's Family Hour...1992-1994 –
Produced and Hosted by: Carol McGinnis Yeje
This clip: Interview...Marjean Birt, Alpharetta, GA, History— 1 of 2.
Clip from my 90's TV Show...Friend, Marjean Birt [now deceased], shares on this segment ‘Moving the Mansell House’, when she was Executive Director of the Alpharetta Historical Society. Clip shows actual film-footage of the move.

Loading some clips from my TV Show...loved producing and hosting. The goal of the show was to provide segments directed to each family member…interviews, music videos, and puppets.

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