Teen Told To Get Singing Lessons Brings The House Down With 'Hallelujah' Audition

Teen Told To Get Singing Lessons Brings The House Down With 'Hallelujah' Audition

One teen who was told to get singing lessons after his first audition comes back and brings down the house with his ‘Hallelujah’ audition on Britain’s Got Talent.

When Kyle Tomlinson was just 12 years old, he decided to follow his dream and auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. But judge David thought the young man wasn't quite ready for the big stage and recommended that he get a vocal teacher.

After 3 years, Kyle returned to the Britain’s Got Talent stage. He has spent the last few years working with a teacher to strengthen his vocal abilities and become more confident performing. He is finally ready to chase after his dream.

“Here’s your chance to prove David wrong,” says one of the judges to Kyle before his audition.

As soon as he starts singing ‘Hallelujah,’ it is clear that Kyle has got some serious vocal talent to show. His voice is amazing, and he sounds just wonderful up on stage!

As Kyle is singing, the judges are smiling as they watch him perform. And the audience loves him! What a comeback! He really put in the work, and it shows.

After the song, Kyle gets a standing ovation from the judges and audience members, and he starts to cry tears of happiness.

“You stood up there, you put your heart and soul on the line, and we all felt it. And we were all there with you,” one of the judges says to Kyle. “That was brilliant!”

“You gave every single ounce you could possibly give to that performance,” Simon shares.

Finally, when it was David’s turn to share his thoughts, he ended up giving Kyle a golden buzzer! Kyle was in absolute shock and shared an embrace with his parents during the surreal moment.

“Well done, Kyle. It was a really, really moving performance. And I’m really glad you came back and proved me wrong,” David says to the talented teen.

Way to go Kyle for not giving up on your dream!

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