Light Bearers - Will The Real Sons and Daughters Arise

CHRISTIANS!! Are you truly exhibiting the characteristics of the Son, Jesus Christ? Are we truly authentically representing Jesus? Far too many Christians are not experiencing the manifest, tangible, miracles, signs and wonders that Jesus promised us – right here on the earth. Instead, too many Christians are living and exhibiting characteristics that are contrary to Jesus’ nature.

We should be illuminating our light into a world full of darkness. We should be reflecting the glory of our Father. We should be confronters, transformers, standard bearers.

On Friday, May 26, in Part III of Felicia Crawford sermon series, LIGHT BEARERS, she will show how Christians have lost their perspective of who Jesus is and of the power and authority that he endowed within us. With power and conviction, Felicia will incite all true light bearers to take their position and turn on their lights. In one united accord, let the true sons and daughters of Christ ARISE.

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