More Than a Man

Fresh out of college in 1979, I decided to try my hand at songwriting. I participated in a couple of Ben Ferrell’s songwriting workshops there in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and had a blast learning the craft. Eddie Everett, one of the leaders, had toured with Charlie Daniels. I convinced Ben and Eddie to demo several of my songs which led to an exciting afternoon at Leon Russell’s recording studio in south Tulsa. Eddie arranged and enhanced my songs, Ben rounded up some players, and a good time was had by all—especially me! My songs were mixed down and loaded onto a cassette, which I played for my friends at the time, then stored the tape away.

Fast forward 38 years. Last week I dug out the old and somewhat degraded cassette to play for my son Ben, who is a talented songwriter in his own right. It was fun listening to the old tunes with their 70’s funky beats, and my less-than-sterling lyrical efforts.

But one song had stood the test of time. With a haunting melody and Eddie’s heartfelt vocals, the simple little song touched my heart again. The song highlights the profound moment when an epiphany took place in the midst of the most important day in human history.

Hearing my song again after all these years, I’ve decided to share it with my new friends and family, with the hope that it blesses you as it blessed me. Remember, it was lifted from a cassette tape which is almost four decades old, so please forgive the sound quality.

God bless,

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