Woman Adopts Dying Orphan After Praying

Woman Adopts Dying Orphan After Praying

Christian author and speaker, Lisa Harper, was never married but always felt the desire to have children. Years went by and she finally came to terms with the fact that she would never be a mother.

And that's when everything changed and Lisa heard about a dying child in Haiti named Missy. She knew in that moment that this was the child she had prayed for all of those years. This child would be her daughter.

After years of struggling to get Missy's adoption paperwork finalized, Lisa was finally able to fly Missy home, Listen as Lisa tells in vivid detail how God laid it on her heart to adopt Missy and how hard it was waiting and waiting to bring her home.

She tells an incredible story of perseverance, faith, and hope in Jesus. What an amazing blessing Missy is to everyone who hears her story.

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Posted by 700 Club Interactive on Monday, July 3, 2017