DIOZONE - Good Times [music video] (cover of "Good Times" by Roni Size)

DIOZONE - Good Times (cover of "Good Times" by Roni Size)
music video featuring footage from Revelation Road film series

Song lyrics:


It might surprise you
God’s on your side
There is salvation
He died for you to have the
Good times

Your life can
Really be changed
Get right with Jesus today
He comes to take us for the
Good times


There is a way
That seems so right
Inside man‘s heart

People refuse
Believe in truth
They hide in lies

True foundation
Freedom is in
Faith they once sought


Most people choose
Wide road instead
That is dead end

They love darkness
It is because
Their evil deeds

Who wants the truth
Walk in the light
Live and believe


You’ll never truly
Grasp how high the cost
It is beyond your infinity

The exit door wide open
For last call
What is your choice for all eternity?

So overall
You wanna be set free
Just these walls are
Forcing you to doubt

Your heart still longing for
The clarity
It is right here
On your way out!

Vidas Raila - guitar
Oliver Aaltonen - trumpet
Vygintas Vyšniauskas (Vinni) - vocals and drums, sampler and programming

Lyrics by Oliver Aaltonen and Vinni
Music by Vinni

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