Women's Choir Brings Judge To Tears With Song To Fight Domestic Violence

Women's Choir Brings Judge To Tears With Song To Fight Domestic Violence

A women’s choir from Australia brought the judges to tears with their emotional performance on Australia’s Got Talent.

From the moment they stepped onto the stage, Hummingsong Choir left the judges in awe. This a cappella choir is currently home to more than 450 members from six different locations.

To join the choir, you don’t even have to audition. The founder of the organization believes in a community for women so deeply that no one will be turned away.

On their website, the group is described beautifully. “All of our Hummingsong choirs, are community choirs and we never forget that word – community – is also the most important. We make the best music that we can, but always make sure that we are having fun and enjoying one another’s company more than anything else.”

Today, they are standing in front of the judges on Australia’s Got Talent to spread their message of community and also raise awareness for victims of domestic violence. Their performance of Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ was so powerful that it left judges Shane and Nicole wiping away the tears.

“And if you have a minute, why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?”

These women are truly an inspiration to so many and their organization continues to raise money for women and children in need. Not only are they talented vocalists but each one of these women has a heart of gold.

What an incredible moment!