Talented 5-Year-Old Joins High School Drum Line

Talented 5-Year-Old Joins High School Drum Line

A 5-year-old boy is getting his chance to shine as he joins a high school drum line.

Jeremiah Travis showed a talent for music at a very early age. In fact, his mother, Nicole Jackson, recalls how he would bang on anything he could before he was one.

A few years later, he was watching the local school band perform when he caught the attention of the band director, Chesteron Frye. “He was sitting in the stands just beating on the stands with some drumsticks.”

The director approached Jeremiah and asked him to play the drums. Shortly after, Jeremiah was invited to be a full-time member of the St. Helena College and Career Academy band.

The incredible kindergartner may be the youngest member of the band, but he always puts in one hundred percent. Chesteron told WAFB 9, “It’s mind-blowing every day. Every single day he comes in and every single day he works. His work ethic is through the roof for a 5-year-old.”

This pint-sized drummer has his sights set high and he hopes that drumming will continue into college. And with his incredible attitude towards music and performing, things are definitely looking bright for young Jeremiah. “He got all the dance moves, he knows all the cadences, he knows all the songs that we play, he comes in after he leaves the early learning center and he comes in and grinds just like us.”

What an amazing and inspirational 5-year-old. He’s not letting anything stand in the way of his dreams!