'Revival Anthem' Rend Collective Official Music Video

'Revival Anthem' Rend Collective Official Music Video

Christian band Rend Collective lights our fire for the Lord with their latest single, ‘Revival Anthem.’

This song reminds us all that when we invite the Lord into our hearts, we are completely transformed. And we are charged with sharing His Light with those around us.

“This is our revival anthem
Can you feel the darkness shaking
Oh, we are the dry bones rising 
This will be our great awakening
This is our revival anthem”

Rend Collective is an Irish Christian band from Northern Ireland. The group started back in 2002 at the Bangor Elim Church. Since that time, they’ve gone on to tour with other popular Christian artists such as Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe.

Recently, they’ve felt the pull from God to return to their homeland and spread the Gospel. This lead to the creation of ‘Revival Anthem.’

“We will praise You when our hearts are breaking
Praise You when our world is caving
We will not, we will not be moved
We will praise You till we see Your kingdom”

On their Facebook page, the band wrote, “The Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of people not just in Ireland but across Europe and North America. We know because we've seen Him in action as we've toured those parts of the world. We hope you enjoy this music video, and more than that, we hope you'll join us in prayer not just for Ireland, but for a world who is ready to meet Him face to face. This is our revival anthem. Can you hear it?”

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