Blind Singer Robert Finley Returns To AGT With Original Song 'Medicine Woman'

Blind Singer Robert Finley Returns To AGT With Original Song 'Medicine Woman'

Blind singer Robert Finley returns to the America’s Got Talent stage with an incredible original song, ‘Medicine Woman.’

When we first met Robert, he auditioned with another upbeat original tune. He shared with the crowd that his love of music started at a very young age.

When he was 19, Robert served in the Vietnam War. After returning home, he started a family and got a job as a carpenter to support them. But throughout the years, he never lost his passion for music. About four years ago, while getting an eye exam, Robert discovered that he had glaucoma.

Now, he is almost completely blind in both eyes but that’s not stopping him from following his dream. “My daughter bought me a rocking chair and I told her, ‘Baby, you can take that back to the store and get your money back cause I’m not sitting in no rocking chair. I’m rocking and rolling.’”

Now, with his daughter cheering him on, Robert is vying for the title of champion on America’s Got Talent. “My daughter always travels with me. She gave up her career to follow mine. And I realize I have no excuse not to follow my dream.” Just listen as he belts out the lyrics to his original song, ‘Medicine Woman.’

“Medicine woman, have mercy on my soul
Please, don't you deny me?
Please don't be so cold?
I get a burning fever, every night
You've got the power, to make it alright”

There’s no doubt that Robert has some serious talent. This powerful performance shows that this artist is a real contender in the competition. Who else agrees?