So Much Better' Housefires Featuring Tony Brown

So Much Better' Housefires Featuring Tony Brown

The worship group Housefires sings a new song called ‘So Much Better’ featuring Tony Brown at a worship night in Atlanta, Georgia,

Housefires was formed in 2014 and started at Grace Midtown Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In the beginning, the worship leaders of the group were Pat Barrett and Kirby Kaple. They were later joined by fellow Atlanta worship leader Tony Brown.

As the group is singing ‘So Much Better’ in this video, you can tell that the atmosphere that they are in has a hopeful and expectant feeling to it, just like the song. The people surrounding the musicians are singing out the words of the song and declaring how amazing our Heavenly Father is.

“You’re the God of second chances
You’ve been writing my story all along
You’re the God of new beginnings
Grace has always kept me in your arms

You’re so much better than I think you are
The way you love me from the very start
You’re so much better than I think you are
My soul knows it well”

When it came to Housefires writing ‘So Much Better,’ Tony shares how the song was formed after the group was talking about God’s goodness together.

"We loved writing this tune,” says Tony. “It came out of a moment we had in the UK where we all took turns testifying about how good God was to us. Sometimes it’s like that with songs, special moments tend to stick with us. We found ourselves signing this chorus often in our sets back home. So amazing to see songs that come out of those times take shape and form and begin to tell a story."

At the end of the music video, it’s beautiful to see the crowd jumping up and down and smiling while singing “I’ve got joy and it won’t let go, I looked in His eyes and it freed my soul.” May we always be full of joy when we think about how good God is to us!

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