Owner Plays The Violin For A Donkey And He's Mesmerized

Owner Plays The Violin For A Donkey And He's Mesmerized

It’s a mesmerizing moment when this young girl plays the violin for a donkey. There is no doubt that animals are truly a gift from God.

These amazing creatures come in all shapes and sizes, but each one was put on this earth for a purpose. Our Creator has a divine plan and animals big and small help serve Him.

For instance, donkeys are known for their ability to carry heavy loads. But they can also provide us with some much-needed smiles when they do something out of the ordinary, like today.

Just watch as this girl stands beside the donkey in the pasture and starts to play the violin. It’s obvious that she is a talented performer and the donkey is ready to get a closer look.

Within seconds, he seems to brim with excitement. He even starts to bray and whine the longer she continues to play. This impromptu serenade is beyond adorable.

It is almost as if the donkey is encouraging her to play more. Music is another gift from God and it has a special way of bringing everyone together. I think we can all agree that is definitely what is happening in this particular field.

This is such an incredible moment to witness and I am so glad that it was all caught on camera. Beautiful music and one of God’s amazing creatures, I think that makes for an incredible combination. What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this in real life?

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