Lukas And Falco Perform Talented Dog Act To The Greatest Showman

Lukas And Falco Perform Talented Dog Act To The Greatest Showman

The talented duo of Lukas and Falco return to the America’s Got Talent stage for another impressive performance.

This dog and his trainer made a big splash during their first audition. We learned that Lukas was scared of dogs when he was younger. But when his parents brought home Falco as a puppy, Lukas couldn’t resist this adorable little guy. From that point on, the duo were inseparable.

Lukas and Falco trained every single day and learned all kinds of tricks and skills. They’ve been competing all over the world for the past nine years.

Now, as Falco grows older, their time on stage is drawing to an end. “Falco is turning ten, so I have to think about his retirement. It makes me sad, a little bit, but I think it’s also great to enjoy our last shows together. And why not on the biggest stage of the world?”

After winning the judges over on his first audition, the duo are back for the live shows. This time, they are showcasing an incredible routine set to songs from the musical, The Greatest Showman.

Lukas and Falco pulled out all the stops for this challenging number, but it left everyone in awe. Judge Gabrielle Union said, “I think you actually got a lot better from the first audition. And we loved the first audition. So way to go home, get even better and come out and wow us. Great job.”

This young man and his dog already won over the hearts of America, can they win America’s Got Talent too?