Police Officer Stops To Cut Elderly Woman's Grass In Severe Heat

Police Officer Stops To Cut Elderly Woman's Grass In Severe Heat

One police officer is being commended for her kindness after stopping to mow the grass for a woman in the severe heat.

When you are a police officer, your days are anything but predictable. When you start a shift, you never quite know what your workday is going to be like. And every officer knows that some days can be far more emotional than others.

On Independence Day, Officer Bree Wilson was patrolling a neighborhood when she spotted an elderly woman attempting to mow her lawn. “Her face was flushed. She was sweating profusely. Definitely didn’t want to come back for an emergency call. Watched her for a little bit down the road, and my instinct was like ‘I need to go back and mow that grass.’”

The temperature was very hot and Officer Wilson decided to turn her car around and take over the lawn care duties for the day. She asked the woman to take a seat and that’s when Officer Wilson started to push the lawn mower.

A local barbershop owner spotted the scene and quickly ran over to catch a video. He was so overcome by this officer’s act of kindness that he wanted to share the moment with the world. “I was just happy to see her stop, take time out of her day on Independence Day and mow the lawn for somebody else.”

After Officer Wilson finished, the woman asked how much she owned for the grass cutting. This incredible police officer left her with a few powerful words. “You owe me a smile. Pay it forward. Have a blessed day.”