'Faith's Song' Live Performance From Celtic Woman

'Faith's Song' Live Performance From Celtic Woman

The talented ensemble of Celtic Woman perform an emotional rendition of ‘Faith’s Song.’

This powerful tune was featured on their 2018 album ‘Ancient Land.’ It came from a BBC drama called ‘Keeping Faith.’ Today, Megan Walsh is leading the vocals for this passionate performance.

“Gave you all that you needed
You cut but I'm bleeding
And all of my strength that I gave to you
And I loved completely
You lose then you leave me
And all of my hope
I left with you too”

This all-female group comes from the creators of Riverdance. Over the years, Celtic Woman has introduced millions to the sounds of Ireland and become a global favorite.

From stunning original songs to beautiful covers, these women truly shine at everything they do. ‘Faith’s Song’ is another example of the range of talent showcased in Celtic Woman.

The song tells the story of a woman who is heartbroken over a failed relationship. Despite the sadness, she is choosing to remain positive and look at all the hope and possibilities that surround her.

“That I gave my heart whole, I did
I gave my heart
And although it's broken
It is still beating.”

The lead vocalist of this performance, Megan Walsh spoke about the significance of the song saying, “Although this song is incredibly heartbreaking, there is definitely that underlying message of hope. And even though you may be going through a hard time, you’re hearts still beating and you’re still breathing and things will get better.”

These words are so true and no matter what obstacle you face, you can get through anything.