Detention Officer Olivia Calderon Follows Her Dream Of Singing On AGT

Detention Officer Olivia Calderon Follows Her Dream Of Singing On AGT

47-year-old Olivia Calderon dazzled the judges with her Spanish rendition of Frank Sinatra’s classic ‘My Way.’

Olivia has always had a love of singing. She even received a degree in vocal performance. But when her dad became ill, she decided that family was more important than a career in entertainment. “I decided to put my dream on hold to help take care of my dad.”

For the past 21 years, Olivia has worked in the corrections field, most recently as a detention officer. “Being a detention officer, it’s not easy. An inmate will call you every name in the book and you have to just stand there with thick skin. Singing is how I just de-stress from the stress of work.”

Now, she’s finally ready to follow her dreams and sing on the big stage of America’s Got Talent. Just listen as she performs ‘Mi Manera’ which is the Spanish rendition of ‘My Way’ from Frank Sinatra.

It’s obvious that Olivia has an incredible voice and she hits every single note perfectly. After the performance, three of the judges were in awe of Olivia’s big vocals.

Even though Howie Mandel stated that the performance wasn’t his ‘cup of tea’ the other judges were able to see and hear the beauty radiating from Olivia. Simon Cowell said, “I’ll tell you what I like about you. You have drama about you when you perform and I love that. I’d love to be the first person to say ‘yes.’”

And that’s exactly what he did. Olivia earned enough votes from the judges to move on to the next round of competition and, now, she can continue chasing her dream.