'Life In Your Love' For All Seasons Official Video

'Life In Your Love' For All Seasons Official Video

Christian band For All Seasons releases the official music video for their latest single, ‘Life In Your Love.’ This upbeat worship tune is all about finding love and grace through God.

“You gave me Your heartbeat, I’m not alone
You showed me You know me, And I am home”

For All Seasons is comprised of Emily Hamilton, Johnny Hamilton, and Jeff Luckey. Together, this talented trio shares God’s message of hope and love through their talented worship music.

Today, they’re focusing on the theme of drawing nearer to God with their song ‘Life In Your Love.’ Speaking about the song, the band said, “This next song is a fun, joy-filled declaration of the life that we find in Christ. As we draw near to Him, we are reminded that He is all we need.”

The lyrics truly remind us that we are living because of Jesus Christ. We have found all that our hearts desire through Him.

“I found my life in Your love, Your love,
You saw me when I wasn’t enough, You were, and You called me
Out of the grave, Your grace, it changed who I was
And I’m living because
I found my life in Your love”

Even when we do not deserve it, God provides and blesses us each and every day. He sent His only Son down to Earth to die for our sins and because of that sacrifice we are now all forgiven.

For All Seasons hopes that ‘Life In Your Love’ will teach us to revel in the many wonders of our God. “Our desire is that it captures the hope, love, and belonging we experience in Christ.”