Elephants Rush To Protect Babies From Wild Dog Attack

Elephants Rush To Protect Babies From Wild Dog Attack

One man was able to record an incredible group of elephants rushing to protect their babies from a wild dog attack out in the wilderness. What an amazing sight! And with elephants being the largest animals on land, I’m sure the wild dogs knew that they were no match against them.

In the video, we first see a group of wild dogs in front of the camera surrounded by tall grasses and shrubs. Then a herd of elephants come walking into the scene. There is at least a dozen of them, some being grown adults and some being little baby elephants.

The herd is very important to an elephant, because these creatures really value their family structure, perhaps more so than many other animals. They are capable of forming very special bonds with their friends and family members in their herd, and they are always looking out for each other. And when one feels threatened, they all come to help provide protection. Just like in this video!

You can tell that the momma instinct kicked in when the adult elephants saw the dogs. Because they felt threatened, some of them starting swinging and blowing their trunks to make loud noises to scare away the wild dogs.

Then the group started to clump together and make a protective circle around their babies. They wanted to make sure that the babies were safe and would do anything to keep it that way! Such good momma elephants.

The man in the video is watching this all unfold from a safe distance and comments on the interaction that just took place. “Even though wild dogs don’t actually really show any potential threat to the elephants…elephants just react really negatively to any predator,” he explains.

God bless these magnificent creatures and the beauty they bring to this world!

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