Award-Winning Border Collie Ends Agility Routine With Sweet Embrace

Award-Winning Border Collie Ends Agility Routine With Sweet Embrace

After winning an agility competition, this quick and energetic border collie has a sweet embrace with her handler while celebrating her victory!

The border collie’s name is P!nk, spelled like the famous singer. Her owner and handler’s name is Jennifer Crank from Pickerington, Ohio.

As the two prepare for the course, one of the announcers says, “P!nk wants to get the party started tonight!” A funny little nod at the title of one of P!nk’s famous songs. The pooch is clearly ready to go, and her loud barks show just how excited she is to take on the challenge ahead. When her owner gives her the signal, she bolts ahead racing into the agility course.

The border collie quickly jumps over the poles, races through the tunnels, and ultimately clears every obstacle that is placed in her way with great agility and speed. She finished the course with zero errors. What a phenomenal job by P!nk!

One of the commentators said it best: “That was just sheer beauty. Beautiful lines, Jennifer out in front and P!nk following…gorgeous!”

P!nk won the agility competition with a running time of 31.23 seconds. She’s a fast one! Since she was also the champion last year, this border collie is now the proud winner of back-to-back titles in the 16" class at the 2019 WKC Masters Agility.

After the competition, an interviewer complimented Jennifer on P!nk’s skills. ““She was flawless on those weave poles, just like water,” she said. “How do you teach that?”

“That’s one of her favorite obstacles,” Jennifer replied. “You build a lot of value for them. Use her favorite toys and her favorite treats. Make her absolutely love the game.”

The cutest sight to see was at the end of the course when P!nk jumped into Jennifer’s arms and they shared a sweet embrace. Such a perfect way to celebrate her win!