Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce On Her Journey To Finding God

Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce On Her Journey To Finding God

Christian comedian Chonda Pierce shares her journey to God through this moving testimony.

Chonda has always been candid in her standup routines. She says what she wants and isn't afraid to take on the tough topics.

Today, she’s taking a step back from the comedy to discuss her relationship with God and the struggles to find her way to Him. Chonda grew up in a Christian household.

In fact, her father was a preacher. Despite their belief in God, her family faced multiple hardships and heartache that took a toll on Chonda’s thoughts toward God.

Both of her sisters died when she was just a teen and her parents also went through a very public divorce. Chonda began to feel bitter towards God. But slowly, this beloved comedian found her way back to Christ and His loving arms. “What I had not been introduced to yet, at that time in my life, was The Heavenly Father.”

Once she found the grace and support of The Heavenly Father, Chonda made the incredible choice to welcome Him into her heart and share His message with others. “He is the perfect Father. And I had to come to the realization that I either am going to believe in the Word of God or not. And I chose to believe it.”

Now, Chonda uses her unique blend of comedy and Christianity to help others find the humor in every day life. I’m so glad that she felt moved to share her story with others.