Why The Urgency?

Our video explains why help is needed today.

Everyday there are over 500 New Orphans created in Kenya.

500 !!
Every Single Day !!


Children as young as 10 years old are becoming the "head of the household" and must provide for their younger siblings. They have nothing. No safe place to sleep. No food to eat. No clean water to drink. Each day they must search for these life-giving items. They live a terrible, unimaginable daily life.

Our Vision is to bring life, hope, food, and Christian Values to HIV / AIDS Orphans in Kisumu and Wachara, Kenya. We correctly assist over 100 HIV / AIDS Orphans.

We need YOUR help to assist more orphans.

Life for Children Ministry (LCM) assists HIV / AIDS Orphans in Kisumu and Wachara, Kenya. We provide life, hope, food, clothing and Christian Values. A Church and community center are being built in Wachara. It will be used to being Christ to the people and provide training in Crop Growing, Micro-Finance and Personal Hygiene.

We are currently assisting many of the children among the Kenyan IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons). Over one million people have become IDPs in Kenya since the post election violence began. At St Stephen's Cathedral in Kisumu over 2,000 people have camped on the grounds for safety. Only 2 toilets are available. They have no food or clean water. Conditions are terrible. Disease is beginning to break out. Help is needed.

Kisumu's Local Government has recognized LCM and has designated LCM as the provider to help these children. LCM (Life for Children Ministry) is in the middle of this situation with a large helping hand outstretched. We have erected a large tent and are providing food and assistance to the children. W

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