How Do I Know Who God Wants Me to Marry?

How Do I Know Who God Wants Me to Marry?

Pastor Todd Wagner sits down for an in-depth discussion on the topic ‘Who God Wants Me To Marry.’

As we Christians navigate the world, it's no surprise that questions arise from time to time. Especially when we are new in our relationship with Christ, there are some questions that we may be too embarrassed to ask. Some of these topics can be hotly debated or difficult to discuss.

Others might just be something so deep that we must look an research the answers in the Bible. Thankfully, Pastor Todd Wagner from Watermark Community Church is known for not shying away from the tough topics and turning to The Bible to answer all of our questions. He’s even started his own show called Real Truth. Real Quick.

Every week, he takes a popular question and breaks down the answer while looking at biblical evidence. Today’s topic is ‘How Do I Know Who God Wants Me To Marry?’

Pastor Todd has previously discussed many questions revolving love and relationships. But today, he’s taking a deeper dive into finding ‘the one.’

This is such an interesting question and Pastor Todd immediately starts off by saying, “I don’t think you need to focus on finding the right person. I think you need to focus on becoming the right person.” I love how he is able to take tough topics and break them down into words that we can all understand. And he goes back to scripture and God’s word each time.

What do you think of Pastor Todd’s answer?