1-Year-Old Runs To Hug Big Sister At The Bus Stop

1-Year-Old Runs To Hug Big Sister At The Bus Stop

It’s a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this 1-year-old waits at the bus stop to hug big sister.

I think we can all agree that there is truly nothing sweeter than the relationship between siblings. It is a bond that is different than anything else in this world.

God has put these special people in our lives for a reason and watching the relationship strengthen over time is absolutely amazing. One of the best things is when a big brother or sister takes the time to bond with their sibling in a unique way. And that is exactly what is happening between these two sisters.

This 1-year-old little girl eagerly waits for her big sister to arrive home from school. As soon as she seems the bus approaching, the tot starts to raise her arms and run towards the bus.

Just watch as the bus finally drops of the sister and she rushes to embrace the toddler. Big sis drops her backpack and picks up the excited little girl for the sweetest hug.

Even though they make argue or fight, there is obviously a lot of love between these sisters. I hope that they continue to carry these feelings with them for years to come.

God certainly placed these two together and it’s a beautiful moment to watch unfold. This is definitely a memory that both girls are going to remember for a lifetime.

Who else was grinning from ear to ear after watching this adorable bus stop hug?