'One Awkward Moment' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 4

'One Awkward Moment' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 4

The fourth installment to the Casting Crowns visual album has landed with the beautiful video for ‘One Awkward Moment.’

This beloved worship band is the first Christian artist or group to release a concept video for every song on their album. Utilizing twelve tracks, each video will continue the story of a family’s journey through life. We will move between decades and generations to see God’s work in play.

Before you watch part four, be sure to check out the third installment, ‘Awaken Me.’

“One word, one hand
Tell me, is that too high a price?
One awkward moment
Could be the one that saves a life
Your hurt, your scars
God will use to open up her eyes
One awkward moment
You'll see the gospel come alive
Come alive”

In the previous video, the wife has learned that her husband has passed away after serving overseas during the war.

Now, we’ve fast-forwarded to 1999 and see a father with his young daughter. We learn that his wife died and he has not spoken to his own mother in a long time.

Encouraged by his daughter’s words, he decides to reach out and reconnect. During a visit to his mother’s house, she pulls a letter out address to the man. It’s in that moment that we finally put the pieces together to realize that this grown man is actually the child of the couple we’ve been following in previous videos.

There is obviously so much more of the story to tell and each week I look forward to the next chapter.