'Holy Roar' - Chris Tomlin Live Performance

'Holy Roar' - Chris Tomlin Live Performance

Award-winning Christian artist Chris Tomlin shares a live performance of his song ‘Holy Roar.’

This single is featured on his newest album, of the same name. This beautiful worship song is a perfect combination of love and praise for our Lord.

“A holy roar
Reaching for Heaven
Our praise poured out
With reckless abandon
Our worship God
Is wholly Yours
Here we stand, here we wait
Have Your way, have Your way
Every hand in this place
God we raise, God we raise”

When speaking about the album, Chris said, “Holy Roar is the freedom, the experience, the wonder of worship. It is seeing the church come together, hands lifted to God, pouring out our praise with an eternal song in our hearts. It’s every voice together, changing the way we worship.”

When we all gather together for Lord, it is truly an amazing experience. And Chris Tomlin is one of the most recognized names in modern day worship music.

He has led millions of hearts in praise with songs such as ‘Good, Good Father’ and ‘How Great Is Our God.’ These tunes have become staples in church services and I have a feeling that ‘Holy Roar’ is another song we’ll be hearing again and again.

Let us all feel God’s spirit as we sing these lyrics together in a ‘holy roar’ that the entire world will hear.