40-Year-Old's Epic Dance Routine Has The Internet In A Roar

40-Year-Old's Epic Dance Routine Has The Internet In A Roar

40-year-old Mike Alancourt became a viral sensation after a video of his Post Malone dance routine was shared online. The video was taken at 1 Vibe Dance studio in Jacksonville, Florida and it features Mike absolutely nailing this hip-hop dance.

While he may look older, Mike still has all the moves and he’s proud to show them off. He comes out with force as he dances along to the song ‘Wow’ from Post Malone.

After the video was posted on the studio’s Facebook page, people immediately started to take notice. Soon, it was shared over 10,000 times and even had celebrities such as Will Smith and Post Malone himself taking notice.

A lot of people think that when you reach a certain age it means you cannot participate in physical activities like you used to. Well, Mike is putting all of that nonsense to rest with this incredible dance routine. It’s obvious that he hasn’t lost any of his skill and even the younger dancers behind him are trying to keep up. Age really is just a state of mind.

This 40-year-old is living proof that if we keep things moving and take care of our bodies, we too can be moving easily long after we reach “over the hill” status. He is such an inspiration to everyone watching and I hope others will be encouraged to get up and continue following their passions, no matter what age they may be. Who else was cheering for Mike during this routine?

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Posted by 1 Vibe Dance on Sunday, March 3, 2019