'His Name Is Jesus' Acoustic Country Hymn From Cody Johnson

'His Name Is Jesus' Acoustic Country Hymn From Cody Johnson

Country singer Cody Johnson shares an acoustic performance of his hit song ‘His Name Is Jesus.’ When telling the story behind this original song, Cody mentioned that he was encouraged by his pastor to call out Jesus Christ by name and thank Him before his concerts. When Cody started to publicly give praise to God, he felt a shift in his career and family.

“Many times I've called his name
Prayed for forgiveness when used in vain
Oh, but there's a peace in knowing that
His forgiveness stays the same
Most famous in history
Things he spoke, the whole world still reads
His name is Jesus
But you can call him as you please”

Cody is a rising star in the country music scene and he truly sings from the heart. He said, “I don’t sing nothing if you can’t see my soul. If it’s ‘Long Haired Country Boy,’ when you see me, you know I can walk that walk, but when we’re playing a gospel song, I want you to know that I feel that, too.”

“They call him Immanuel
The King of all Kings
He's the son of The Father
The Prince of Peace
They call him Hosanna
The Lighthouse at Sea
The Rock of Ages
He's a friend to me”

It’s so incredible to see a mainstream artist giving thanks to the Lord for the whole world to hear. With a voice and heart like this, I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing the name Cody Johnson for years to come.

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