'Symphony' Switch Featuring Dillon Chase

'Symphony' Switch Featuring Dillon Chase

The new song ‘Symphony’ is from the group Switch and it features Dillon Chase. Switch is the youth ministry of Life.Church and their music is making a big impact, not just with the students there, but with audiences nationwide.

The members that make up Switch are Cassidy Estevez, Luke Guevara, Dameon Aranda, Rob Estevez, Louis Biancaniello, and Michael Biancaniello. Cassidy is the lead singer of the group.

In the music video for ‘Symphony’, we see lots of vibrant colors and images flashing on the screen. There are people seen standing in urban and wooded locations, and fire and static interrupting certain scenes. The imagery can feel quite chaotic at times, which is reflective of the lyrics of the song.

“And even in the madness
There is peace
Drowning out the voices
all around me
Through all of this chaos
You are writing a symphony
A symphony”

When talking about how the song was created, Cassidy Estevez says that the song started as more of a “jam session” with “no real agenda.”

“The guys started laying down some beats and tracks…and God started putting these words on my heart that kind of expressed some things that I have felt and have heard from some of our students,” Cassidy shares. “How we experience all this chaos in our life. We experience hurt, we experience pain, and sometimes it’s hard to breathe when all our thoughts are shouting at us. So, we started to write a song that talked about how He is actually writing something beautiful, even through our pain, even through the hurt that we don’t understand. God is weaving and crafting a beautiful symphony.”

Cassidy also quotes Romans 8:28 when talking about this song. “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Even when life is full of chaos and things start to become overwhelming, we know that we can turn to Jesus. True peace and rest is possible when we fix our eyes on him.

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