Trapped Kitten Rescued From Between Stone Walls

Trapped Kitten Rescued From Between Stone Walls

A sweet, little kitten was just rescued by the Los Angeles Animal Services after getting trapped between stone walls. Without their help, there’s no way the kitten could have gotten out of the spot that he had gotten himself wedged into!

In the video, you can hear the distressed kitten’s meows before seeing him in the narrow gap between the cement walls that he had fallen into. Poor thing! He definitely looks frightened before the rescue workers start to get him out of the tight space.

The rescue worker, Gaby Lera, starts to use a hammer and chisel to piece away a part of the concrete wall. After some work, Gaby is able to break off a small part of the wall in order to reach the kitten. Once she pulls the kitten out, she starts petting him and holding him in her arms. I’m sure the little guy was so relieved to be out of that tight, dark space and in someone’s warm arms for some cuddles! Thank goodness Gaby was able to rescue the tiny fur ball and bring him to safety.

The kitten’s eyes appeared to be crusted over, probably after getting so much debris in them while stuck between the walls. His fur was also matted, and he didn’t look to be in the best shape. Thankfully, he wasn’t left in that condition for long. After the rescue, the kitten was taken to the LA Animal Service Center and nursed back to health by some compassionate people. There, the kitten was able to be cleaned up and was given a nice, warm meal. After that traumatic experience, that little kitten sure must have been grateful for his rescuers and what he was being treated to now!

Animal rescues are such a wonderful thing to see! Thankfully, there are kind people in this world who do whatever it takes to help out vulnerable creatures in distress.