'Spend A Life' David Dunn Official Music Video

'Spend A Life' David Dunn Official Music Video

Christian artist David Dunn releases his newest single, ‘Spend A Life.’ The lyrics of this song are all about cherishing the time we have and making sure that we spend it wisely.

“All I have is what You gave
Watching seconds turn to days
I was made for more then just to watch it fly
A few more turns around the sun
Could be hundreds could be one
Show me how to spend the treasure of my time
Show me how to spend a life”

We first met David Dunn back in 2012 when he competed on the second season of The Voice. Even though he didn’t make it past the blind auditions, his talented vocals caught the attention of many record label executives. Since that time, David has been sharing God’s message through worship songs such as ‘I Wanna Go Back’ and ‘Grace Will Lead Me Home.’

When speaking about the inspiration behind his latest song, ‘Spend A Life,’ David said, “I’ve been thinking a ton about how I spend my time. When my kid was born, it was like a timer started in my head that was counting down the 18 years I had to help prepare this little human to make his own decisions. And because that timer became real to me, I could clearly see my own mortality for the first time. I became aware of the finite number of seconds I had left on earth. And that realization led me to this: Time is our most precious, God-given resource, and I refuse to go on spending it like it’s cheap.”

Always remember to spend our time wisely. What a powerful message in this worship song from David Dunn.