God Leads Walmart Cashier To Pay For Family's Groceries

God Leads Walmart Cashier To Pay For Family's Groceries

On a regular trip to the grocery store, one family got half of their groceries paid for after God led a Walmart cashier to cover some of their total.

“She swiped her card and I happened to look, and she took $100 off my total,” explains Ashley Jordan after Sharnique Dasant came around the cashier counter and used her own credit card to help pay for Ashley’s groceries. It was something that Ashely never would have expected to happen to her.

Most people wouldn’t use $100 of their own money to help out a family that they have never met, but Sharnique says that is was the voice of God that led her to swipe her card. Ashley was shocked by the kind gesture and immediately tried to pay her back.

“I tried handing her the money,” explains Ashley. “And she was like no, ‘Let me give you $100, I just have to give you $100.’”

The mother of three was so grateful for Sharnique’s act of kindness and said that her gesture took some pressure off her shoulders. She hopes to be able to help out a stranger, just like Sharnique did, one day in the future.

“I plan to pay it forward in the future, any way that I possibly can to help somebody,” says Ashley. “Because the feeling that I felt when she did that was overwhelming.”

Because of Sharnique’s obedience, she was able to feel closer to God and learn how to discern how the Holy Spirit is leading her in her actions. And because of Sharnique’s act of kindness, Ashley was able to have an increased sense of God’s faithfulness. What a beautiful reminder for us to listen to when God is speaking to us, and to always have our eyes open to when we can be a blessing to those around us.