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'Bigger Than Us' Josh Groban Live Performance

'Bigger Than Us' Josh Groban Live Performance

The talented Josh Groban gives an incredible live performance of his new song ‘Bigger Than Us’ at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

When he enters the stage at the beginning of the song, you can hear the loud cheers from his adoring fans. What an incredible opportunity it would be to see him perform live!

As soon as Josh Groban starts singing ‘Bigger Than Us’, you are immediately capitated by his extraordinary voice. He is such a great performer with such strong vocals. And the lyrics of this song have such power, too.

“I feel so small
With my hands up to the sky
I am reaching out tonight
'Cause this is bigger than us
I give my all
But it's just too much to hope
No I can't do this alone
'Cause this is bigger than us
Bigger than us”

The high energy in this video at Madison Square Garden is infectious. The full orchestra that fills up the stage definitely helps create such a great atmosphere for the show. Behind Josh, you can see a full string ensemble, drums, piano, electric guitar, and many other musicians that add to the fullness of the song.

God really blessed Groban with an amazing voice, and it’s no wonder why audiences around the world love to hear him sing. I also cannot help but to see this song through a spiritual lens when I hear the lyrics. Josh sings about facing battles in this song and reaching up to the sky, reaching to something bigger than us.

We know that we can have hope during difficult times, because God is always with us. We don’t have to walk through the valleys of life alone. He is our stronghold; He is out firm foundation. And what a blessing that is!