'Greater Than All My Regrets' Tenth Avenue North

'Greater Than All My Regrets' Tenth Avenue North

Award winning Christian band Tenth Avenue North releases the official music video for their single ‘Greater Than All My Regrets.’ These words are the perfect reminder to lean on God in times of doubt. Even when we fail, He will always be there to pick up the pieces.

“So if I fall and if I fail
I will trust Your mercy is
Greater than all of this
And if I bend and if I break
I'll trust the hands that hold me are
Greater than all my regrets
You are greater than all my regrets
You are
Greater than all my regrets
You are, You are”

Tenth Avenue North is comprised of members Mike, Jeff and Ruben. Together, they’ve climbed the Christian Billboard charts with songs such as ‘Control (Somehow You Want Me)’ and ‘Fighting for You.’ Today, the trio is sharing their latest music video for ‘Greater Than All My Regrets.’ There are so many times in our lives when we let doubt or fear creep into our minds. This is when we need to turn to God and let Him lead the way. The Lord truly has a plan for each and every one of us and He is always ready to shoulder our burdens and be the light in our lives and spirit.

“Father, I know I break your heart
When I choose my way
When I doubt your love
But you take me as I am, a child
You whisper in my ear
Let's get up and try again”

The next time you find yourself astray, remember these lyrics and that God is always waiting to guide us back home.

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