Blind Veteran Robert Finley Performs 'Age Don't Mean A Thing' On AGT

Blind Veteran Robert Finley Performs 'Age Don't Mean A Thing' On AGT

Blind veteran Robert Finley returns to the America’s Got Talent stage with a stunning original song titled, ‘Age Don’t Mean A Thing.’

When we first met Robert, he was making an impression during his initial audition. He performed with an upbeat original tune but it was his backstory that truly won over America.

Robert shared with the crowd that his love of music started at a very young age. When he was 19, Robert served in the Vietnam War.

After returning home, he decided to start a family and took a job as a carpenter to support them. But Robert never lost his passion for music and continued to play.

About four years ago, while getting an eye exam, Robert discovered that he had glaucoma. Now, he is almost completely blind in both eyes but he’s determined to follow his dream.

Week after week, this incredible musician has brought us talented original songs and touching performances. Today, he’s competing in the semi-finals with another original tune called ‘Age Don’t Mean A Thing.’

“Age, that don't mean a thing, no baby
I'm qualified to be your man, yes I am baby
And I'm not too hard to understand
And I'll always do the best I can
But age don't mean a thing”

These lyrics are the perfect words for Robert. Even at the age of 65, Robert isn’t letting anything stand in his way of playing music for the world. What an incredible journey for this inspiring artist on America’s Got Talent.