Inspiring Singer Joseph Allen Returns With Original Song 'Mama'

Inspiring Singer Joseph Allen Returns With Original Song 'Mama'

Inspiring artist Joseph Allen returns to the America’s Got Talent stage with an incredible song dedicated to his mother.

From his very first audition, the world fell in love with Joseph and his infectious personality. This Texas singer-songwriter became a viral sensation when he wrote a song for his mom and posted it online.

From that moment on, he dreamed of performing on the America’s Got Talent stage. After making it in front of the judges, Joseph made a big impression with his original song that blended vocals and rap.

The performance was such a hit that judge Howie Mandel was moved to press his golden buzzer. Now, Joseph is in the quarterfinals of the competition and he’s singing another uplifting original titled ‘Mama.’

“I felt like I was on a cliff then I was afraid to fall
So I picked up my phone gave my mom a call
She says son right now that’s when you have to make a plan
Cuz that pressure that you feelin’ it’s gonna turn you into a man”

With tears in her eyes, Joseph’s mother watches her son perform from the audience. There’s no doubt that this woman is proud of her son and each lyric resonates in her heart.

“Now am on the T.V sayin’
Look momma we made it
She smiles at me with tears in her eyes
Voice in my head says I can be the greatest
And I am not sure but am not scared to try”

We’re definitely going to be seeing more of this young man in the future. Don’t you agree?