Synchronized High Kick Dancers Emerald Belles Deliver Energetic AGT Routine

Synchronized High Kick Dancers Emerald Belles Deliver Energetic AGT Routine

The energetic high kickers of The Emerald Belles are back for another stunning performance on America’s Got Talent.

When we first me these talented teens, they left the judges in awe with their unique dance skills. That’s when we learned that these Texas high kickers are no strangers to the big stage.

The Emerald Belles are a dance group comprised of 63 high school dancers. For decades, these talented ladies have shared their impressive high-kick routines all over the world.

The Emerald Belles have performed at halftime shows, on cruises and even at Walt Disney World. Recently, they caught the attention of the world when a video of their award-winning routine from the 2017 Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition was posted online.

The Emerald Belles performed a mesmerizing dance to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” from the Eurythmics and it quickly went viral. That Internet fame led them all the way to America’s Got Talent where they’ve been kicking up a storm all season.

Now, these incredible ladies are in the quarterfinals and they’re pulling out all the stops for their latest performance. Not only do they include their famous high kicks, but they’re also adding multiple difficult dance techniques to their energetic routine.

This is one act that will have you clapping along to the beat. If you thought that a high kick dance group didn’t have a chance at winning America’s Got Talent, this routine might change your mind. What do you think of the Emerald Belles?