Hope For Paws Rescues Pregnant Dog Living On The Streets

Hope For Paws Rescues Pregnant Dog Living On The Streets

Hope For Paws has done it again with another great animal rescue! This time around they rescued a pregnant dog living on the streets of L.A.

For four months, a compassionate woman named Sonya fed the stray dog. She named her Sally and noticed that she was pregnant. That’s when she gave Hope For Paws a call to help her get Sally off the streets.

The rescue mission started with leading Sally to an enclosed area. This way they would be able to leash up the dog safely without her running out into the street. The dog was scared at first to be closed in and was very timid when she was around people. It took patience and a helpful plastic gate, but after some time had passed, the rescuers were able to contain Sally and put a leash on her.

As soon as Sonya started petting and hugging Sally she calmed down. They took the dog to get a nice bath in preparation for her labor. How relieved Sally must have felt to be off the streets and have a safe place to stay and deliver her puppies!

After getting cleaned up, Sally was taken to her foster home, which was found through The Lovejoy Foundation. She then gave birth to four adorable puppies! Their names are Mustang, Wilson, Nova, and Chevy. And to think that if Sally hadn’t been rescued, she would have given birth to those sweet, little puppies on the street. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case and the puppies weren’t exposed to any danger.

What a joy dogs and puppies are! And how wonderful to see God’s precious creatures rescued and placed in safe, loving homes. We’re praying that Sally and her puppies will be adopted soon and find a home with a new family.

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