'Even When You're Running' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 8

'Even When You're Running' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 8

Casting Crowns releases the eighth part of their visual album with the powerful video for ‘Even When You’re Running.’

This Dove award-winning group is the first Christian artist or band to release a concept video for every song on their album. Over a span of twelve weeks, the band will release twelve tracks.

Each song will continue the story of one family’s journey through life and how God is at the center of it all. We will move between decades and multiple generations to see God’s work in motion.

Before you watch part eight, be sure to check out the seventh installment, 'In The Hands Of The Potter.'

“His love is inescapable
His presence is unshakable
Right now you don't believe it’s true
A better day is coming”

In part seven, we watched a sick grandmother and her young granddaughter bond over their artistic talents. Together, they created beautiful pottery and created lasting memories. But sadly, the grandmother passed away.

“And you don't need another place to hide
He'll find you in your darkest night
His love is holding on to you
Even when you're running
Even when you're running”

Now, years have passed and the granddaughter is an adult. Time has not treated her well and she’s turned to alcohol to numb her pain.

Today, she’s returning to the farmhouse that belonged to her grandmother to confront memories of the past. It’s a moment that will change her entire future and the message is so powerful. I cannot wait to see where this journey will lead the family.