'Risen' - Choir Of 55 Children Sing Original Easter Hymn

Talented songwriter Shawna Edwards shares her Easter song performed by 55 kids from the One Voice Children’s Choir. ‘Risen’ is a beautiful worship song that reminds us all of the real reason for the season.

“To set the captives free
To ransom you and me
To bind up every broken heart
To conquer death and sin.
To bring us home again.”

Shawna Edwards has been writing beautiful Christian songs for years. One her website, Shawna says, “I write songs to share my faith in Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for everyone who sings, plays or listens to them. I hope that together, we can spread Christ's message, and invite others to come unto Him and find joy, peace and rest.” Today, she is sharing her latest song, ‘Risen.’ This incredible Easter song is all about the sacrifice Jesus made when He died for our sins on the cross. One Voice Children's Choir lends their vocals to this beautiful tune and it’s sure to touch your heart.

“And in that barren place the world forever changed
For hope was born when Jesus rose that day
And still His wounded hands reveal the love He has
For every fallen soul He came to save”

Jesus’ death paved the way for our entrance into Heaven. He freed us from our chains and that is such an incredible gift that we can never repay. This worship song is the perfect way to give praise to His name and spread God’s message to the entire world.

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