'My Deliverer' Red Rocks Worship Live Performance

'My Deliverer' Red Rocks Worship Live Performance

Listening to the new song “My Deliverer” by Red Rocks Worship will leave you feeling inspired and on fire for God! This upbeat and energetic worship song has such a strong sound and is full of powerful lyrics.

“Even in the darkest valley
Your peace is rushing through me
Even with the fire surrounding
I know that You stand with me
Even as the flames rise higher
I'm safe, I will not fear
I can hear Your voice like thunder
My Hope, and my Deliverer”

Red Rocks Worship was formed as a worship ministry for Red Rocks Church. This is one church with multiple locations, and they “exist to make Heaven more crowded!” What a beautiful mission!

According to Red Rocks Worship’s Facebook page, the group is “comprised of worship leaders and songwriters who have a passion to bring their love of Jesus to people through music. The heartbeat behind their music is to cultivate communities of believers that pursue God’s presence while creating a real and authentic environment for people to respond in worship.”

Their song “My Deliverer” is from the new album Spark. This album has a collection of songs written by the group that will be released throughout 2019. Red Rock Worship says that “their hope for this album is to make much of God’s name and much less of their own. Just like a spark igniting seasoned wood, they hope this album would begin to do a work in our nation and grow into something uncontainable. That through their collective weakness, God’s power would be made evident. They are seeking to be faithful with the spark, trusting that God alone will bring forth the wildfire.”

While listening to “My Deliverer,” I hope that the lyrics remind you that the Lord is your home and with Him, you will not be shaken. Thank you, God, for such inspiring worship music that always reminds us of who You are in our lives.