'In The Hands Of The Potter' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 7

'In The Hands Of The Potter' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 7

The seventh part to the Casting Crowns visual album has landed with the incredible video for ‘In the Hands of the Potter.’

This Dove award-winning band is the first Christian artist or group to release a concept video for each song on their album. Over twelve weeks, the band will release twelve tracks and each one will continue the story of a one family’s journey through life.

We will move between decades and generations to see God’s work in motion. Before you watch part seventh, be sure to check out the sixth installment, ‘Love Moved First.’

“And as I fall apart
Come flood this desert heart
Fall like the rain, Living Water
And I know Your way is best
Lord, help me find my rest
And I'll be the clay
In the Hands of the Potter”

In part six, we watched as this granddaughter bonds with the grandmother she hardly knew. Now, they are sharing a common interest over art. Even though the woman is sick, she is cherishing each moment she has and spreading love to those around her.

“My world is spinning, my life seems so out of control
Nailed, scarred hands tell the story of love that will never let go of me
Through the sunshine or rain, I know where my hope is found
What You started in me, I know You will complete from the inside out”

Even though this grandmother may not be on this Earth much longer, she is making sure that her family knows that they are loved and supported. And it’s so incredible to watch the next generation continue to traditions of their elders.