Paralyzed Secret Service Agent Inspired By Team Hoyt To Run Marathon

Paralyzed Secret Service Agent Inspired By Team Hoyt To Run Marathon

A paralyzed secret service agent and his supervisor will overcome the odds to run the Boston Marathon in 2019.

Three years ago, Agent Garrett Fitzgerald was paralyzed in a car crash. While on duty, Garrett’s vehicle was struck by a driver who was high on heroin.

When his supervisor, Don McGrail, received the news, he was devastated. "It was the worst accident involving our employees that I can think of in my 23 years," Don said. But since that time, Garrett never let pessimism get the best of him.

Four days a week, he goes to physical therapy at Journey Forward. This incredible organization makes it their mission to help those with spinal cord injuries.

The founder, Dan Cummings, knows firsthand the struggles it can be to receive adequate physical therapy. After a diving accident, Dan was left paralyzed and everyone said he would never walk again.

When insurance ran out, Dan was forced to find other places to rehabilitate and, 19 years later, he’s walking on his own. Garrett and Don will be running the Boston Marathon to raise money for Journey Forward. They were inspired to run the race by the father and son duo of ‘Team Hoyt.’

For years, dad Dick ran marathons and triathlons while pushing his quadriplegic son, Rick, the entire way. Their story and determination captured the hearts of the world and they’ve inspired many to take on these seemingly impossible challenges.

Like Team Hoyt, Don will push Garrett for 26.2 miles over the course of the marathon. What an incredible story!